The #1 Living Room Paint Services In Melbourne

Let’s make your living room a masterpiece with our reliable painting services. We are a dedicated bunch of professionals who work magic with the brush. So, if you are looking to create an inviting living space, count on us. We will help you paint your living room in your dream colors.

Why Does Your Living Room Need Painting Services?

The living room is the heart of your room. It deserves happy colors. Right? It is important to make this space more inviting, brighter, and cleaner. In addition, painting your living room also helps to maintain the space more easily. It ensures easy cleaning and improves indoor air quality. Also, you can give your living space a personalized touch with your favorite colors. So, get ready to transform your space with our house painting services. Create a space that leaves your visitors in awe.

Make Your Living Room A Work Of Art

Living room paint can take your space to the next level. It improves the aesthetics of your living room and adds functionality. You can bid farewell to the wear & tear, moisture, and mildew with our reliable painting services. Our skilled professionals address all the issues in your living room. They ensure the repair of any damage on the surface. Also, they assist you if you want wall paintings for living room to convert your space into a piece of art. We aim to make your living space comfortable, pleasing, and peaceful with the right colors. So, partner with us and create a vibrant living environment.

Why Us?

You can rely on us for living room paint services. Our dedicated and professional services are everything you need to transform your living space.

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Experienced staff
  • On-schedule completion
  • Premium quality products
  • Certified & insured
  • Proven success

How We Paint Your Living Room?

House Painter Melbourne follows a series of steps to transform your living room. 


We remain in constant dialogue with you from beginning to end. Our professionals discuss your needs, color scheme, and budget. We finalize the quote after discussing all the details with you.


We believe that a successful painting project is the outcome of better preparations. Our dedicated painters look for any damage or holes in your drawing room surface. They make sure that all surfaces are flawless before getting the first coat of paint.


Our professional painters apply primer on the surfaces. Primer leads to better adhesion of paint on walls and floors. They use a premium quality primer to ensure the paint sits well on the surfaces. 


After we are sure the surfaces are ready, we apply paint to them. Our team makes sure to apply paint smoothly and efficiently. We aim to create an inviting space for you with a quality finish.

Final Inspection

Once we finish the project, we make a quick inspection. Our goal is to point out any shortcomings in the project. We make sure you are happy with the results. Also, we are ready to make changes to the work as per your suggestions.