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Welcome to House Painting Melbourne, your premier destination for top-quality epoxy floor paint services. With years of experience, our dedicated team of epoxy floor experts can transform concrete floors into durable, eye-catching surfaces.
Our expertise spans various epoxy floor coatings, allowing us to cater to all your unique and customized requirements. Whether commercial kitchens, garage floors, or warehouses, we’ve got you covered. Epoxy floor paint enhances aesthetics and ensures extreme durability indoors and outdoors.

At House Painting Melbourne, we have a rich history of renovating commercial and residential properties. Epoxy flooring paint breathes new life into tired floors and provides exceptional resistance and enduring beauty.

Why Choose Epoxy Floor Paint from House Painting Melbourne?

We are Melbourne’s top-rated epoxy floor painting partner for several compelling reasons. We specialize in elevating your floors from ordinary to extraordinary with precision. 


Our team of experts boasts years of experience, ensuring high-quality control on every project. 

End-to-end services:

We offer comprehensive end-to-end services. Our job is complete when the paint application is seamless, and space is left spotlessly clean. 


We have highly qualified staff for epoxy flooring paint. The workflow of our team members is smooth, and communication is quick and to the point.

Customer satisfaction:

At House Painting Melbourne, customer satisfaction is our primary objective. Our dedicated team delivers results that exceed your expectations, with a stellar 100% satisfaction rate

Our epoxy floor painting services

  • Garages

To create a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface, epoxy paint for garage floors is common in residential garages. Epoxy garage floor paint is the perfect choice for high-performance flooring as it can resist oil and chemical stains. 

  • Hospital and healthcare facilities

Epoxy floor painting is used in hospitals because it is environmentally friendly. Epoxy coatings are hygienic, germ-free, and easy to clean. Such coatings are the best choice for maintaining a sterile environment in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. 

  • Commercial and retail spaces

Many commercial and retail spaces use epoxy floor painting in high-foot traffic areas such as lobbies and sales floors to enhance floor durability.  Epoxy floor paints are the go-to option in such places due to their added safety features and chemical resistance. 

  • Industrial facilities

Just as in food and commercial areas, epoxy flooring paint is versatile for industrial use. Epoxy is preferred in industrial settings because of its longevity, low maintenance, chemical resistance and ability to withstand heavy equipment. 

  • Residential homes

Epoxy floor paint is suitable for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, adding contemporary style and durability. Allergy sufferers also appreciate epoxy floors because epoxy is resistant to mold, germs, and bacteria. 

  • Basements

Epoxy floor paint is a remarkable upgrade from basic concrete flooring in basements. Epoxy is an excellent flooring option for basements, as it helps to create a moisture-resistant barrier, enhancing the longevity of the space. 

Unveiling the Epoxy Floor Painting Journey:

  • Preparation:

Our team discusses your ideas and preferences before applying epoxy floor paint to deeply understand your project. Afterwards, we conduct a detailed inspection of the existing surface to check for cracks or any issues that require immediate attention. Then, we clean and repair the surface for smoothness and apply a high-quality epoxy primer to increase adhesion. 

  • Quote:

We provide a project quote that includes required materials, completion time, and total cost. It sets the foundation for a successful project.

  • Application:

Our skilled technicians mix the hardener and epoxy resin in balanced proportions to ensure the strength of the epoxy floor painting. Using specialized tools and techniques, we carefully apply the epoxy mixture to the surface, achieving a glossy finish based on the client’s preferences. We can also add decorative elements if the client demands. 

  • Inspection:

After application, epoxy requires curing time for resilience and longevity of epoxy floor paint. A quality inspection checks for unevenness, bubbles, or imperfections. Our team ensures high-standard epoxy floor paint with necessary touch-ups. 

  • Finishing:

While giving finishing touches, we can add topcoats for enhanced durability and aesthetics. Our epoxy flooring paint also offers slip-resistant additives for safety in industrial and commercial spaces. Our epoxy floor paint job is completed with the clean-up process. Our skilled team performs a thorough clean-up, leaving your space immaculate. 

  • Client Walk-through:

Before project conclusion, we invite clients for a final walk-through with our team. It ensures flawless finish and complete satisfaction with the results. We address any questions or concerns, prioritizing client satisfaction.